CIRCLY 7.0 – Parametric Analysis and Cost Optimisation

A powerful tool for pavement cost optimization

The Parametric Analysis feature can loop through a range of thicknesses for one or two layers, while simultaneously designing the thickness of another layer. This feature will optimise up to three layers. Combining this with the Cost Analysis feature, allows for fine-tuning of layer thicknesses to minimize construction and maintenance costs.

A Case Study

In this Case Study, the thicknesses of the 2nd and 3rd layers are treated as unknowns.

You can enter Unit Costs for each material:

We use the Parametric Analysis feature to loop through a range of thicknesses for the 2nd Layer.  At the same time, we use the Automatic Thickness Design feature to determine the thickness of the 3rd. layer.

Here is a summary of the results, showing which pavement configuration has the minimum Total Cost:

Here is an automatically generated graph that shows the minimum Total Cost configuration: