We offer three state-of-the-art Pavement Design packages:

CIRCLY is a comprehensive program for analysis and design of pavements. The program can calculate stresses, strains and displacements induced by a variety of surface loads on layered soil systems. CIRCLY is widely used in Australia and overseas and is an integral part of the Austroads Pavement Design Guide.

APSDS (Airport Pavement Structural Design System) is a special version for airport pavements.

HIPAVE (Heavy Industrial PAVEment design) is for the mechanistic analysis and design of flexible pavements subjected to the extremely heavy wheel loads associated with freight handling vehicles in industrial facilities, in particular, intermodal container terminals. It is designed to conveniently model each combination of vehicle model and container load and to combine the damage using the Cumulative Damage Factor concept.

This Table compares the features of the three packages:

Road pavements-streets, roads, highways Airport pavements Container and intermodal terminal pavements
Key Core
no wander rigorous wander algorithm rigorous wander algorithm
parametric analysis parametric analysis parametric analysis
economic analysis  economic analysis economic analysis
support for 2017 Austroads Pavement Design Guide Barker-Brabston heavy duty unbound materials Barker-Brabston heavy duty unbound materials
Standard Vehicle Library with automatic updates calculation of axle loads from vehicle geometry and container mass
automatic treatment of container mass distributions