Pavement Design Guides

This page has links to Pavement Design Guides.

The pavement design method you use needs to be appropriate to the type of pavement and loadings that you are dealing with.

Roads, Highways, Freeways and Motorways

The Austroads Pavement Structural Design Guide is the basis for road pavement design in Australia and New Zealand.

Container Terminals, Intermodal Yards, Heavy Industrial Machinery

The Heavy Duty Industrial Pavement Design Guide was developed to help users of the HIPAVE software.

The Guide reflects best practice in the design of new construction and rehabilitation of industrial pavements.  The Guide steers you through all necessary design considerations and suggests external sources for research updates.

Airports and Airfields

Get started with our Airport Pavement Design Guide.

Mine Haul Roads

The Mine Haul Road Design Guide will get you started with design of mine haul roads trafficked by heavy mine vehicles and dump trucks etc.