CIRCLY Licence Options

Each Single User Annual Licence comes with a USB Hardware Lock (Dongle) that can be moved from PC to PC.

We have released CIRCLY Floating Licences.

A Floating Annual Licence is for Multiple Users requiring flexible access to both CIRCLY 6.0 and CIRCLY 7.0.

The Floating Licences are flexible as they do not need the USB
Hardware Lock / Dongle
that can be lost or broken.

Any number of users can share a pool of Floating Licences allowing remote access from unlimited PCs and any geographical location.

Floating Licences support flexible work practices providing access to CIRCLY anytime, from on-site, in the office or at home.

Our Licence Server manages the Floating licences. No special software is required on the User’s PCs or Servers, unlike conventional Network Licences.

You can install the Floating Licences on as many PCs as you like, but only a specific number of users (Number of Seats) may run CIRCLY at any time.

Floating Licence seats can be any mix of CIRCLY 6.0 and CIRCLY 7.0.

This figure shows three users ( blue) using CIRCLY so the Number of Seats, in this case, is three.

The fourth person ( black) cannot currently run CIRCLY despite the licence being installed on their PC.  They will be able to once one of the current users closes CIRCLY.

Each user has their own copy of the CIRCLY database.

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