Technical Support Services

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You can check what version you have by clicking Help/About.

The latest version of CIRCLY 7.0 is Version 7.0 (21 June 2024).

The latest version of CIRCLY 6.0 is 6.0 (24 August 2021).

The latest version of CIRCLY 5.1 is Version 5.1g (10 June 2019).


CIRCLY 7.0 software
CIRCLY 6.0 software
CIRCLY 5.1 software
CIRCLY 5.x User Manual

Note that technical support for CIRCLY 4.0 and CIRCLY 5.0 have ceased– you will need to upgrade to a CIRCLY Annual Licence (you can run CIRCLY 5.1, CIRCLY 6.0 and CIRCLY 7.0 simultaneously) if you need support

  • Technical Support Overview

    Mincad Systems is committed to a high level of customer communication and feedback. Your ideas and comments help us to continue to provide the highest quality support in the business.

    As Australia’s leading supplier of pavement design software we take pride in the relationships we have with our customers. We welcome your comments, criticisms, bug reports and suggestions for future releases of CIRCLY, APSDS and HIPAVE. We consider your feedback to be an important part of the continued success of our products, so please let us know what’s on your mind.

    We provide free technical support to users who have a current Annual Licence.   Our support team can help customers with installation, licencing and bug reports.

    It does not include:

    • Assistance with designing pavements
    • Explanations of the principles underlying geotechnical analysis, design, and engineering
    • Project-specific modelling
    • Assistance with the determination of material properties or other input parameters
    • Results interpretation

    Registered users are notified of important updates by email and the latest version can be downloaded from our website at any time.

    We have set a high-quality standard for our technical support. We aim to solve problems in days or weeks, not months. Our technical support resources include an Internet electronic mail system, World Wide Web site, newsletters, product brochures, and new releases.

    How Mincad Fixes Bugs

    We are committed to delivering products of the highest quality. As with any major software release, some bugs may be found after a product is released. We are committed to proactively address quality concerns and therefore have developed a software update procedure to distribute bug fixes as quickly and easily as possible.

    We maintain a bug reporting and prioritized resolution system. We give a bug a priority based on its severity. The definition of any bug’s severity is determined by whether it directly affects your ability to solve a problem. If a bug keeps you from being able to solve a problem, it receives the highest priority. If you report a bug that does not keep you from solving a problem, it receives a lower priority. Also, if we can provide a workaround to the bug, it receives a lower priority.

    How to contact us

    Our preferred method of contact is Email – email us here:

    From time to time we receive an email which we are unable to reply to, due to problems with the sender’s email address, server etc. For this reason, it is important that you also include your phone and address details in all correspondence. Make sure you also include the version of CIRCLY, APSDS or HIPAVE you are using, the version of Windows and any hardware details you feel may be relevant.

    Remember if you’re going to call, we’re in Melbourne, Australia and your probably not. Our office hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (EST).

    Please take time-zone differences into account when contacting us.

    Melbourne, Australia date and time: Tuesday 23rd of July 2024 01:18 PM

    Before contacting us, we suggest you jot down the following to help us process your report.

    • your software licence number so that we may locate your record in our customer database. (you can find this on your hardware lock)
    • The version number and date of CIRCLY, APSDS or HIPAVE that you are using (the version details appear on the screen when you start the program or can be accessed via Help/About)
    • The type of hardware that you are using
    • The operating system that you are using
    • The exact wording of any messages that appeared on your screen (or a screen dump)
    • What happened and what you were doing when the problem occurred
    • How you tried to solve the problem