CIRCLY 7.0 – What’s New for CIRCLY 5.x Users

Streamlined Austroads Design

The interface for designing pavements by the Austroads Pavement Design Method has been streamlined.

There are now only 3 icons to setup these designs:

By comparison, in CIRCLY 5.x there are 6 icons:

CIRCLY 7.0 lets you work in “Austroads Mode”, so you only need to work with 4 icons.

Elastic Properties and Fatigue Properties now integrated

The entry of material properties has been simplified by combining the Elastic Properties and Fatigue Properties:

Anisotropic Elastic Properties: only need to enter 2 properties

Access text reports from Print icon

Text Reports, such as the Job Summary, can be printed or copied to the Clipboard for pasting into applications such as Word, Excel etc.

Mine Haul Road Design Automated with CIRCLY 7.0 – a World First!

CIRCLY 7.0 software can design unpaved mine haul road pavements trafficked by heavy mine vehicles and dump trucks etc.

CIRCLY 7.0 fully automates the South African design method – the state of the art in Haul Road Design.
See these pages for an overview of the CIRCLY 7.0 Haul Road Pavement Design Feature.