HIPAVE Price List

With an Annual Licence there are no further charges for support, maintenance or major upgrades.

The Annual Licence price will increase in future years in line with our list prices.

Prices from 1 January 2012:

If you are in Australia:

Australian $ 3,900 (incl. GST) per year.

If you are in New Zealand:

NZ $4,600 (excl. GST) per year.

New Zealand customers must order through our local agents,
Bartley Consultants (contact Andrew Deakin).

For all other Countries (except Australia and New Zealand):

If you are purchasing from outside Australia, the price is Australian Dollars (AUD) $3,500 per year.

Select your currency in the Currency Converter at the side to see an approximate price in your currency.

Please note that you must pay in Australian Dollars (AUD) – the conversion is approximate only.

Multiple Licence Discount

A 20% discount applies to the total purchase price if you order 2 or more licences at the same time.
This offer applies to any mix of CIRCLY, APSDS and HIPAVE licences.

Educational Site Licence

An educational site licence is the same price as a standard commercial single user licence.
This licence allows you to use the software on multiple PC’s for education and research.


Prices include prompt delivery.


You can pay by Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) unless you are in New Zealand.

Australian and New Zealand customers can pay on 14 day terms on receipt of an official company purchase order.

Customers in other countries must pre-pay by Credit Card or Bank Transfer.


Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB No. 063 166
Account No. 10124335
Account Name: Mincad Systems Pty Ltd

Rest of the World:

Our bank details:

  • Bank name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Account Number: 06316610124335
  • (Optional) Account Name: Mincad Systems Pty Ltd


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