HIPAVE 5.0 software
HIPAVE 5.0 User Manual

Important Instructions

Try before you buy! You are welcome to download and evaluate HIPAVE. There is only one version of HIPAVE – and it can be used in evaluation mode. In Evaluation Mode you can evaluate many of the features including analysing the two Example problems. In Evaluation Mode the TOTAL Pavement thickness that you analyse must be 1000 mm (as used for the Example problems). Please note that the Automatic Thickness Design and Parametric Analysis features are de-activated in Evaluation Mode.

Licence Options

There are two Licence Options:

A. Evaluation Mode

B. Full Licence Mode

Further instructions for each Mode are given below:

A. Evaluation Mode

HIPAVE will operate in Evaluation Mode if you do not have an Annual HIPAVE Licence.

Evaluation Mode has the following restriction:

You must use the standard Material Properties provided with the Example Jobs:

Modulus =  2800 MPa

Cement Stabilized:
Modulus =  5000 MPa

Modulus, 60 MPa

You can use the Automatic Thickness Design and Parametric Analysis features.

B. Full Licence Mode

If you are using a Hardware Lock, you will need to install the Sentinel System Driver. (skip this if you are already using CIRCLY OR APSDS on your current PC)

Download and install the following driver: Click here to download the Sentinel System Driver.

Full List of HIPAVE files:

Full list of HIPAVE files