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We have released APSDS Floating Licences.

A Floating Annual Licence is for Multiple Users requiring flexible access to APSDS 5.0.

The Floating Licences are flexible as they do not need the USB
Hardware Lock / Dongle
that can be lost or broken.

Any number of users can share a pool of Floating Licences allowing remote access from unlimited PCs and any geographical location.

Floating Licences support flexible work practices providing access to APSDS anytime, from on-site, in the office or at home.

Our Licence Server manages the Floating licences. No special software is required on the User’s PCs or Servers, unlike conventional Network Licences.

You can install the Floating Licences on as many PCs as you like, but only a specific number of users (Number of Seats) may run APSDS at any time.

This figure shows three users ( blue) using APSDS so the Number of Seats, in this case, is three.


The fourth person ( black) cannot currently run APSDS despite the licence being installed on their PC.  They will be able to once one of the current users closes APSDS.

Each user has their own copy of the APSDS database.

Major Update to Standard Aircraft Model Library

You can now update your APSDS Standard Aircraft Model Library simply by installing the latest version of APSDS [Version 5.0t (3 October 2019) or later].  Download from here.

The latest update includes 120 aircraft models, up from 70 in the old version.

APSDS Workshop Slides now available

The APSDS 5.0 Workshop slides are now available.

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  • one slide per page
  • 2 slides on each page

    APSDS 5.0 now released!

    A brief summary of the new features is given here.

    New calibration for APSDS 5.0

    With this new calibration, pavement thicknesses determined by APSDS 5.0 are significantly less than those obtained using our previous calibration and the FAA design software, FAARFIELD.

    Click here for more details and sample designs for A380-800, B747-400 and B777-300 aircraft.

    CIRCLY, APSDS and HIPAVE Workshops

    Live Online – Mechanistic Pavement Design – CIRCLY

    This Workshop by live webinar is presented in two half-day packages of two sessions each. The Workshop provides delegates with an understanding of the theoretical basis of mechanistic pavement design methods and is a hands-on course with each student having access to the CIRCLY program.

    More information.


    The Centre for Pavement Engineering Education (CPEE) will be presenting the following Short Courses/Workshops this year:

    Mechanistic Pavement Design – CIRCLY

    This one day course provides delegates with an understanding of the theoretical basis of mechanistic pavement design methods and is a hands-on course with each student having access to a PC. The course is offered as a single day for those who are well versed and practiced in pavement design, or who have completed any of the past CPEE two day Pavement Design courses, or for those who are attending the current Pavement Design – Principles & Practice 2-day course.
    The course provides an introduction to flexible pavement design models using CIRCLY 7.0 focusing on the 2017 Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology – Part 2: Pavement Structural Design (AGPT02-17).
    The workshop will also include an introduction to heavy-duty pavement design for container terminals and airports.

    Course brochure.

    These courses are recognized by Engineers Australia for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) purposes.

    Note that

    You can also download the CIRCLY 7.0 Workshop slides (you will need to Register and Log-in to access this content. Click here to get started):

    Another very useful resource is the webinar by Dr. Michael Moffatt (ARRB).
    The webinar is here. The slides are here.


    The  CIRCLY 7.0 User Manual cannot be printed but is an expanding live collection of Online Tutorials.  They are more effective than a conventional User Manual and consist of text, graphics and videos.
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    Workshop Calendar

    Note: The CIRCLY and Heavy Duty Pavement Design Workshops are “hands-on” experiences with each student having their own PC – so 16 places only.

    Additional Pavement related short courses are offered through The Australian Asphalt Pavement Association’s (AAPA) Training Centre. A full list of the courses on offer can be found on the AAPA website.

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    New fifth runway at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol now open

    Schipol 5th Runway

    Schiphol is the world’s fourth busiest International Airport.

    APSDS was used for the design of the new fifth runway. Total project cost is estimated to be €340 million.  Construction commenced in early 2002 and opened for operation on 20 February 2003.

    The project presented many challenges to the designers. Loading included all current wide-body aircraft and future New Large Aircraft.

    For further details on how APSDS was used for the pavement design, read Dr. Arian de Bondt’s article.

    For more general background on the project, see the Airport Technology article.