Important CIRCLY 7.0 Update – February 2022

Some changes have been made to CIRCLY 7.0.

These relate to CIRCLY 7.0’s Austroads Pavement Design Method (2017), as described in the Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology Part 2: Pavement Structural Design.

An issue that occasionally arose for very thin surface asphalt layers where the maximum horizontal tensile strain was not always selected has been fixed.

Another change is the CDF field is now left blank when there are only compressive (positive) strains as can occur for thin surface layers as shown below:


The Job Summary File has been updated to indicate Asphalt compressive strains as shown below:

There is no change with the strain sense presentation in the .CLO ‘printable’ results file.

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How to Download 

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Download and install CIRCLY 7.0.

CIRCLY Floating Licences

By the way, we have released CIRCLY Floating Licences.

A Floating Annual Licence is for Multiple Users requiring flexible access to both CIRCLY 6.0 and CIRCLY 7.0.

The Floating Licences are flexible as they do not need the USB Hardware Lock / Dongle that can be lost or broken.

Any number of users can share a pool of Floating Licence allowing remote access from unlimited PCs and any geographical location.

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