What are the limitations of CIRCLY 7.0 Evaluation Mode?

There is only one version of CIRCLY 7.0 – and it can be used in Evaluation Mode.

CIRCLY 7.0 will operate in Evaluation Mode unless you have a CIRCLY Annual Licence (typically using a Hardware Lock).

Evaluation Mode has the following restrictions:

You must use the standard Material Properties provided with the Example Jobs or Workshop Exercises.
See CIRCLY 7.0 Evaluation Mode Restrictions for a list of the standard Material Properties.

Please note: CIRCLY in Evaluation Mode is solely for demonstration or educational purposes and may not be used for commercial purposes of any kind.
You must have a full licence to use the software for Commercial Projects.


Are you doing a CPEE Unit?

We have made CIRCLY 7.0 available to CPEE students to facilitate completion of relevant design assignments. You can use CIRCLY 7.0 in Evaluation Mode to analyse your assignments.