Asphalt Mix-specific fatigue relationship in CIRCLY

TMR Technical Note TN167 ‘A New Approach to Asphalt Pavement Design’ introduced a methodology for determining a mix-specific fatigue relationship for use in asphalt pavement design that can be used in place of the Shell laboratory model (Equation 25 in AGPT02).

The design modulus & fatigue relationship for a specific mix are used together in a ‘Full depth asphalt example’ (Appendix E TN167) using CIRCLY.

The asphalt mix specific fatigue model is used – why?:

• Encourage use and development of mixes with superior fatigue performance
• Mix specific fatigue models open doors to innovation (competitive advantage for high performance mixes)
• Reduce pavement design thickness
• Reduce risk

(NACOE webinar ‘A new approach to asphalt pavement design – Part 1’ 2016)

These notes outline the steps in CIRCLY.

Keywords: Master curve