What HIPAVE 5.0 files do I need to backup?

To find out what data folder is currently being used:

Click ToolOptions.

The data folder will be shown in the “Data Path” field.

By default this will be “C:UsersPublicPublic DocumentsMincad SystemsHIPAVE5data”.

To backup your data:

At the very minimum you only need to back-up all the *.cls files and the database files LAYERS.MDB and LOADS.MDB.

There is only one possible catch.

HIPAVE is designed to use the latest (and only the latest) versions of the relevant data from the databases when you run an analysis. If you change ANY of the data that was used by previously run jobs, if you run those jobs again they will use the latest data, not the historical data. This is by design.

To ensure that you can check the actual data that was used in any given analysis you should back-up all the *.cli files too.