Using APSDS 5.0 over a network

APSDS 5.0 can be run over a network, in the sense that the data files can stored and shared on a remote server or workstation.

For APSDS 5.0 to be able to access data over a network, you must Map the Network drive to a drive letter, for example M:

For the following procedure to work, it is assumed that the APSDS 5.0 data files are already installed on the server – (the core data files are *.sds and *.mdb).

To set up a client/workstation, follow these steps on the client:

1. Open Windows Explorer.

(To open Windows Explorer, click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Windows Explorer.)

2. In Windows Explorer, open “My Network Places” and navigate to the server, then to the drive where APSDS is installed.

3. Click the Right mouse button and click “Map Network Drive”.

This dialog will let you assign a drive letter, for example, “M:” to the remove drive.

(You may need to specify a password).

4. Now start APSDS on the client.

Click ToolOptions.

If for example the APSDS data files are installed in the folder “C:Users\Public\Documents\Mincad Systems\APSDS5\data” on the server, type in the following string:

M:Users\Public\Documents\Mincad Systems\APSDS5\data

(here M is the drive letter assigned in step 3).

You should now be able to run APSDS on the client, while all data files are stored on the server.

Note: The Hardware Lock must be plugged into the client PC to successfully run APSDS analyses.