Error Number: 9104 – Hardware Lock gives unknown response

This error can result from a faulty driver configuration or from a faulty hardware lock.

Driver Configuration


The Troubleshooting Guide for Sentinel Hardware Keys provides in-depth troubleshooting of Sentinel System Drivers and troubleshooting both Parallel and USB Sentinel keys. Download the Guide from here.

Start with the Quick Install/Uninstall on page 3.

If that does not fix the problem:

Check the Hardware Lock on another PC

If that PC is not already running CIRCLY, APSDS or HIPAVE:

go to: /knowledge-base/hardware-lock-driver download this file and run it to install the Hardware Lock driver.
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CIRCLY 7.0 software: CIRCLY 7.0 – Full Installation

CIRCLY 6.0 software: CIRCLY 6.0 – Full Installation

CIRCLY 5.1 software:  CIRCLY 5.1 – Full Installation

APSDS 5.0 software:  APSDS 5.0 – Full Installation

HIPAVE 5.0 software:  HIPAVE 5.0 – Full Installation

If the Hardware Lock still gives that error: contact Mincad Systems or your local agent to arrange a replacement for your Hardware Lock.