Error Number: 9102 – Hardware Lock is not present

Under normal circumstances a single user licence for CIRCLY, HIPAVE or APSDS requires you to use a Hardware Lock (aka “Sentinel” or “Dongle”).

If you are just evaluating CIRCLY, HIPAVE or APSDS OR using CIRCLY, HIPAVE or APSDS for CPEE assignments, CIRCLY, HIPAVE or APSDS will operate in “evaluation mode” without a Hardware Lock. To see the restrictions of “evaluation mode”, click one of these links: CIRCLYHIPAVE, APSDS 5.0.

Warning: Using Hardware Lock through Remote Desktop or Terminal Server

Please Note that if you attempt to run CIRCLY, HIPAVE or APSDS that is usually protected by a Hardware Lock in standalone mode via a remote client (Terminal Server, VNC, WinXP remote client…), the software will not allow this for security reasons.

If you do have a Hardware Lock plugged into your parallel printer port or USB port and still get the “Sentinel is not present” error, please take the following steps:

1. If your Hardware Lock uses a parallel printer port – check that the port is working by printing a test page on your printer.

2. Try installing CIRCLY, HIPAVE or APSDS on another PC and check that the Hardware Lock works on that PC.

3. Make sure you connect the Hardware Lock directly to your PC – do not connect it via any sort of device such as USB hub, port replicater, docking station etc.

4. Download the Troubleshooting Guide for Sentinel Hardware Keys from here.  Read the section Key Not Found starting on page 19.

If your are unable to configure your Parallel Port successfully, we can replace your Parallel Hardware Lock with a USB one.

We will replace a defective Hardware Lock.