CIRCLY 6.0 – using multiple data folders

Usually when you install CIRCLY 6.0 the default data folder will be C:UsersPublicDocumentsMincad SystemsCIRCLY6data.

You can switch CIRCLY to a different data directory/folder.

Lets say you want to create a data folder called C:UsersPublicDocumentsMincad SystemsCIRCLY6dataProject XYZ.

There are two things you must do before using this data folder:

(1) You need to create the folder first if it does not already exist.

(2) You must copy the database files (LOADS6.CMDB and LAYERS6.CMDB) to this folder, along with any .CLS files for previous jobs that you may wish to reuse from this folder.

You switch to the new folder by selecting the directory path using the Options menu (or the  Icon_Options    icon on the toolbar). This can be done using the Browse button, or can be pasted from the Windows clipboard.

Note that if you use multiple data folders, the databases that you will generate cannot be automatically merged into single databases again.