How to use Austroads Traffic Parameters in CIRCLY

The following CIRCLY screens come from the CIRCLY 5.1 job, “Austroads 2004 – Example 1 – Unbound Granular Pavement”.

This Job uses the same parameters as used in Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology – Part 2: Pavement Structural Design (AGPT02-12), February 2012, Appendix K, Section K1 Sprayed Seal Surfaced Unbound Granular Pavement.

The ‘Movements’ field in CIRCLY corresponds to the parameter ‘DESA’ (‘Design ESAs’), which is calculated to be 0.7 x 107 ESA in Step 10.

What is called the ‘Traffic Multiplier’ in CIRCLY corresponds to SARk/ESA in the Austroads Guide.  Here the subscript k denotes the damage mode k=a (asphalt), s (subgrade), c (cement).

In this example, SARs/ESA is 1.6.