How to use Austroads Traffic Parameters in CIRCLY

The following CIRCLY screens come from the CIRCLY 5.1 job, “Austroads 2004 – Example 1 – Unbound Granular Pavement”.

This Job uses the same parameters as used in Austroads 2004 Guide, Appendix 8.3, Section A8.3.1 Unbound Granular Pavement.

The ‘Movements’ field in CIRCLY corresponds to the parameter ‘DESA’ (‘Design ESAs’), which is calculated to be 0.7 x 107 ESA in Step 10.


What is called the ‘Traffic Multiplier’ in CIRCLY corresponds to SARk/DESA in the Austroads Guide. Here the subscript k denotes the damage mode k=a (asphalt), s (subgrade), c (cement).

In this example, SARs/DESA is 1.6.